Divar Island In Goa

The beautiful Divar Island that is rarely visited is situated across the Mandovi River from Old Goa. A ferry connects the southern end of the island with Old Goa. The ferry wharf is situated near the Viceroy’s Arch at Old Goa.

Another ferry links the northern end of the Divar Island to the Narve or Naroa village in the Bicholim subdivision which is known for the Saptkoteshwar temple that is one of the most sacred temples of Hindus in Goa. From Panaji to visit the Mayem Lake the Divar Island offers a shortcut.

The picturesque Piedade that has a hill top church built in early 16th century called the Our Lady of Compassion Church is Divar’s main and largest village. Here one can have views of the churches of Old Goa. Also during the Kadamba time on this site an ancient Ganesh temple existed.

The Divar Island is also well known in Goa due to a festival celebrated here known as the Bonderam festival. The villagers observe this feast on the last Saturday of August. This feast is also known as the feast of the harvest or the festival of flags. Here after returning home the emigrant workers wave the flags of their adopted countries while marching through the village.

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